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Governor Godswill Akpabio’s Crimes Caught on Camera Part 2 Volume 1 & 2 Script

Governor Godswill Akpabio’s Ambush Terror Attack in Ikot Ekpene And Unjust Incarceration of Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe (Part 2, Volumes 1 & 2)  

There is an abundance of footage and the length so long that we cannot contain all of it in this series, but at the same time we do not want to give too little because it is necessary to bring you the issues just as they have happened. Though some of the real life footage, which Justice For Akwa Ibom’s people risked their lives to obtain during the attacks, was seized and destroyed by the government forces sent to the scene by Governor Akpabio. This footage has been edited for time but with thoughts on bringing quality and the entire story.

Scene One:

A mammoth crowd, the first of its kind in the history of Akwa Ibom Political Campaigns, welcomes their choice for Governor Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe, the man they have seen as their only hope to turn things around for them through positive change.

Scene Two:

Justice For Akwa Ibom Organization is a human rights organization created to be the watchlion of the society on behalf of the everyday people to be a voice where the people are unable to speak, to be the sight when the people are blinded, to be the strength when the people are weakened, to be the hope when all hope is lost, and to reach out for the suffering ones and give them reason for living.

Scene Three:

It is time we all come together to fight the violations of human rights, injustice, oppression, and corruption by the government and even the non-governmental groups against the everyday people. We must remove the cause of the problem and secure the rights of the people from being violated. Let us face the truth to help change the outcome in the end. We can all stand together or wait to go down one day. The choice is simply ours. One Love.

Scene Four:

On March 22, 2011 there was an ambush terror attack in Ikot Ekpene, Governor Godswill Akpabio’s hometown, after the Governor had warned that no other political opponent from a tribe not his own should come to his hometown to campaign. This is what happened after the Governor’s threat. The Governor reigned terror on innocent law-abiding citizens who went with Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe of opposition party ACN to campaign in Ikot Ekpene, which is also the hometown of the wife of Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe.

 Some of the Wounded…

Scene Five:

A citizen affected by the Ambush Terror Attack was injured in the leg and he slept in the bushes in Ikot Ekpene until that morning that he was able to return to Uyo after it was safe to do so.

Scene Six:

An injured man wounded in the leg by PDP (People’s Democratic Party) thugs and cultists of Governor Godswill Akpabio. The man cannot walk since the attack.

Scene Seven:

A man beaten, stabbed, and wounded in the Ambush Terror Attack in Ikot Ekpene, Godswill Akpabio’s hometown. This man was beaten, stabbed, and wounded not by the people of Ikot Ekpene but by the PDP thugs and cultists of Governor Godswill Akpabio.

 Scene Eight:

Another man affected by the same attack. He was stabbed in the head.

Scene Nine:

These pictures show men stabbed and wounded. The first one shows a man stabbed in the head, and a woman next to him stabbed in the arm. The second one is where Governor Godswill Akpabio’s thugs and PDP cultists attempted to remove the man’s hand. The third picture shows the injury on a man’s hand and an injury on the other man’s head.

Scene Ten:

This woman was stabbed in the arm.

Scene Eleven:

This man was stabbed in the eye.

Scene Twelve:

This man’s ankle was stabbed and his toes were run over with a vehicle.

Scene Thirteen:

This man was shot on his arm.

Scene Fourteen:

This cripple rode on a bike with another person to attend the rally in Ikot Ekpene and was thrown off the bike where the bike exhaust burnt his inner thigh and then his outer leg was stabbed with a sharp object.

Scene Fifteen:

This man was shot and wounded in the hand but he escaped with his life. He said three others that were with him were killed.

Scene Sixteen:

This man went to the Ikot Ekpene campaign with his brother.  During the Ambush Terror Attack his brother was killed and his dead body along with so many others that died in the attack have not been found to this day.

Some of the Damages…

Scene Seventeen:

Damages to vehicles from the Ambush Terror Attack.

Scene Eighteen:  

A car was shot at, the windshield broken, and one person inside was injured and the man in the video took the person to the hospital.

Scene Nineteen:

This man was using his car as an ambulance, because there were no ambulances available. He had his car demolished with hammers, axes, and rocks.  He drove over the barricade with all five people who were in the car, some of them injured, and that is the only reason why they escaped with their lives.

Scene Twenty:

A car was badly damaged by the attacker’s of Godswill Akpabio. The people in the car were injured. Notice how badly Akpabio’s thugs must have hit the door to damage it so severely.

Scene Twenty-One:

More damaged cars destroyed by Governor Godswill Akpabio, his thugs, his cultist gang, and the PDP.

Scene Twenty-Two:

Vehicles damaged and some with blood inside from the innocent victims. Two people died within this car and the driver was seriously wounded from the attack orchestrated by Governor Godswill Akpabio and the PDP.

Scene Twenty-Three:

These pictures are of Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe’s bulletproof car and his wife’s bulletproof car after they were shot at and hit in Ikot Ekpene during the Ambush Terror Attack with the powerful weapon supplied to the attackers by Governor Akpabio.

Scene Twenty-Four:

The Press Conference after the shock of the Ambush Terror Attack on the citizens, the Senator, his deputy, and his wife in Ikot Ekpene. As you can hear from the press briefing, there Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe had ordered for the campaigning to be stopped since it was becoming too dangerous and he could not stand to see so many lives continuously lost. The end of campaigning was actually Governor Godswill Akpabio and his ruling PDP party’s aim. This man addressing the press, Aniekan Akpan the former state chairman of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), betrayed the people. He also escaped death in the Ambush Terror Attack in Ikot Ekpene, then turned around and collected millions of naira, abandoned the cause, and joined Akpabio on his corruption spree.

 Scene Twenty-Five:

Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe with the government forces all around him as he is being returned back to prison from court. Hear the lamentations of the people because their Governor was not yet freed and they want justice because he has been incarcerated unlawfully. Notice the Senator’s black Suburban leaving. They had expected the Senator to be released and because he was not released they are driving his car to where he is being taken next. You can hear the masses asking that the Federal Government should declare a state of emergency in Akwa Ibom State. The angry masses are saying in their dialect, “Where are they taking him? What kind of nonsense is this?”

Scene Twenty-Six:

The people have made their way to the second court which is the high court of justice, presided over by Chief Justice of Akwa Ibom State, Justice Idongesit Ntem Isua, as the attorneys are still trying to obtain bail for Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe’s release. In this court hearing where they are to decide on Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe’s release, notice that the people are standing up as they are beginning to get tense and scared that they could deny the Senator’s release after he has been freed from Abuja where Governor Godswill Akpabio bribed the officials to whisk the Senator away by chartered helicopter in an attempt to frame Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe for treason and place him in a fumigated room so the Senator could die of a heart attack.  The Chief Justice of the state who is known for her strict discipline and zero tolerance of judicial insubordination, who is also not in support of the situation and the behavior of the Governor, granted the Senator bail against the will of the Governor Akpabio and his ruling PDP party, and that is why this case was successful and ended the way it did.  The attorneys of Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe successfully argued the case and obtained the release of the Senator. As you can see, the entire court cheers and this tells you how much the people are yearning for somebody who could free them from the hands of Godswill Akpabio and his ruling PDP party. Hear with your own ears the citizens express their joy alongside the lawyers that justice was done, and according to the Akwa Ibomite representing the Diaspora “my Governor”, Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe is released. The Senator did not ask anybody to speak good on his behalf. These individuals spoke good on his behalf because he is a decent man, a just man, a compassionate man, whom God has touched and given the grace. For the Senator to have everything that he has and still want to suffer for the people it is the grace that God has bestowed on him, and so his people also responded as you can see, and hear, and also by the votes that proclaimed him the winner of the Gubernatorial Election of Akwa Ibom State. Godswill Akpabio does not and will never enjoy such good will and affection, neither will he be spoken good of by the majority of the people except the sycophant and those that benefit from his looting of the treasury.

Scene Twenty-Seven:

People are waiting outside the prison for Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe to be released. Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe has seen the deplorable living conditions of the prisoners he met in the prison. He has donated so many things to improve their living condition including the generator and the electrical wiring so the prisoners can have light since they were all living in darkness. That is why these men are carrying materials into the prison as you can see.

Scene Twenty-Eight:

Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe is finally being released from his unjust incarceration. The people are overjoyed and are singing praises unto God that He has given them victory, and dancing in the streets to express their elation on this day. They are singing in their dialect, “Most High God in His Kingdom deserves thanks and praises. The tribe that Jehovah has fought their battle for them, bring them, let they rejoice.” They also say, “praise the Lord.”

Scene Twenty-Nine

Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe, after returning from prison, to avoid Governor Akpabio from causing trouble and framing him again, and killing innocent citizens, the Senator had to do rallies in his compound. Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe says in his dialect, “this particular election the widows, widowers, poors, needies, and the unemployed, all their prayers are in this election. So it is not good for anybody to mess with it and make their hopes to be in vain. So from today go home and do house-to-house campaign.” Then the crowd sings neighbors to neighbors. Then Senator goes on to say, “to all the cyclists, I beg you, don’t cause any trouble, so that you may not be arrested and put in jail. Let me tell you what I have gone to see in the prisons.  I met a man called Ikenga. He was a thug who was shooting guns during the election on behalf of one politician called Cyril during the era of the political party called NPN. He was arrested and prosecuted and sentenced to life imprisonment. I met him. He is there now while the politician he was being a thug for is a free man and enjoying life. Number two, I met youths like you who were thugs shooting guns during the election for house members who are serving right now in the house. They gave them ten year jail sentences while those politicians are free men and are still serving in the state house of assembly and have forgotten about those who were shooting guns to rig the election for them who are now in jail. Number three, I have seen youths like you there. I asked them why you are here. They told me that they were dealing drugs because of unemployment and got caught. That is why they are in jail. I also met some young girls. I asked them why are you here. They told me because they committed crimes. That is why I do not want you to go to jail because of me. What I want is votes. Do you understand what I am saying? What do I say I want? Vote!” The above is the advice that the Senator gave to all the teeming youths before the election.

Scene Thirty:

Closing Thoughts by Victor Essiet (The Mandators): The election has come and gone and the people of Akwa Ibom State have exercised their right and made their choice and Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe also played by the book, but their mandate was stolen by Godswill Akpabio and the ruling PDP party. It is painful that so many people have died and many have been deeply and irrevocably injured due to the ambition of one man and his group who are so oppressive, unjust, corrupt, wicked, and without remorse. The man voted for has gone to the court to seek justice on behalf of the masses to have the people’s mandate returned to its rightful owner. The world has seen how this justice was denied. The Chief Justice failed to live out the true meaning of Chief Justice of the People and the Nation of Nigeria and soon this food he has cooked for us, he, along with the entire Judiciary System, and all the people who have joined to oppress the suffering people of Nigeria, will partake of it. To the people, love is the drug, love is the cure, come as one and our nation will become strong. One love and keep the faith. On behalf of Justice For Akwa Ibom Organization.


Thanks to all the artists for the soundtracks.

Beginning soundtrack “Ambush In The Night” by Bob Marley.

Second soundtrack “One Love” by Bob Marley.

Third soundtrack “Rat Race” by Victor Essiet and the Mandators.

Fourth soundtrack “Justice” by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.

Fifth soundtrack “Nation and the People” by Victor Essiet and the Mandators.

Added in Volume 2: “Stand Up” by Victor Essiet and the Mandators.

Thanks to the members of Justice For Akwa Ibom and others who risked their lives to make sure that the people’s voice are heard. Thanks also to those who helped in making   the production of this video possible.

Justice For Akwa Ibom Organization

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Governor Akpabio 2011 Nigeria Election Corruption and Bribery Undercover Video (Part 1)

Governor Akpabio 2011 Nigeria Election Corruption and Bribery Undercover Video (Part 1)

YouTube Link:

How Akpabio bribed the National Independent Electoral Observers to rig the Akwa Ibom State 2011 Election. The 2011 Nigerian Election was not free and was unfair, and Godswill Akpabio stole the mandate given by the Akwa Ibom people to Senator John James Akpan Udoedehe. Please do note that the date on the camera is incorrect as the camera’s date stamp was not properly set. The actual date of the undercover footage was April 28, 2011, 2 days after the election. The footage of Victor Essiet was made on May 9, 2012. The notes were made by Victor Essiet, the Mandators, on behalf of Justice 4 Akwa Ibom Organization.

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