Judgement Day

To Nigerian Government past and present who oppresses the people, steals from the people, kills the people, and rigs elections and the Judiciary who commits so much injustice against the people: This is what happened to Samuel K Doe of Liberia for what he did to his country, and recently happened to Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, and also what happened in Ghana when Jerry Rollings made all the past presidents who held Ghanians in captivity pay for what they have done. The next will be Nigeria. The people will make you pay for what you have done against them unless you repent before it is too late or on that judgement day we will not have mercy on all of you, the oppressors of Nigerians.

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“African leaders will never learn from the past; they tend to think and believe history and chain of events across the continent is only for a while- and that peoples agitation for good governance will weaken over time. No! Better life is a constant demand from the people and society. Injustice, war against the will of the people and anti-people programmes and policies by government breeds chaos.Poverty and corruption have no rules but good governance, political and socio-economic emancipation does – which is, the right to demand for them – and it is forever. The acceptable rule of good leadership is the institutionalisation of peoples oriented programmes – provision of good health system, education, energy, transport, water, education, housing, food and the rule of law. All of these basic necessities of life Nigerians are denied. Nigerians have been (still) impoverished by bad leaders laced with virus of corrupt practices for over 50years. The countries natural, human and investment resources have been plundered so much that the system is weakened, crippled and blind.”


About Justice For Akwa Ibom Organization

Justice For Akwa Ibom Organization is a human rights organization created to be the watchlion of the society on behalf of the everyday people to be a voice where the people are unable to speak, to be the sight when the people are blinded, to be the strength when the people are weakened, to be the hope when all hope is lost, and to reach out for the suffering ones and give them reason for living.

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